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Personal Relationships.

Art Alvarez and Craig Loe founded MortgageWorks upon these principles dedicated to the origination of residential mortgage loans emphasizing a personal consultative approach. Frankly, we believe all mortgage lenders should operate the same way...

But They Don't!

At MortgageWorks we believe that the mortgage process isn't as simple as some lenders would have you think or that the appropriate mortgage products can be delivered by technicians with limited training and experience. Instead, we believe we provide an unsurpassed level of objective, personalized service to our clients by combining our consultative approach with a strong commitment to training and product knowledge.

Technology to Help.
Not to Replace.

We use laptop technology and point of sale software to enhance, not replace, the personal relationship that develops between a loan consultant and borrower. MortgageWorks prides itself on maintaining an excellent reputation for professional, highly trained loan consultants dedicated to individual productivity, self-improvement and lifetime service to our clients. Your personal MortgageWorks loan consultant is here to serve you.

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